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About Us

RefresHERSpirit was born out of a need for us as women to put our relationship with Christ first.  A need for fellowship and community, because we can’t do it alone.  A need for accountability, because this life wasn’t meant to be lived on our own… A need for… Jesus, because He is our hope.  We look forward to this day each year to refresh, recharge and refocus.  We hope you’ll join us, because we need you too.

Behind the Scenes 

There are so many people who volunteer all throughout the year to make this great event happen.   We’d love to have you join us!  Please contact if you’re interested in getting involved.

Our Core Team

“Walking with Jesus is not always easy, but it is always worth it!  Being a part of RefresHERSpirit has brought me so much joy.  Whether it be from having to press into Jesus through life’s ups and downs,  getting to watch lives changed for Christ (including ours), or hanging out with the great friends I’ve made it’s EXCITING!  I’m so grateful for the amazing husband and lovely/hilarious kids God gave us. I’m trying daily to follow hard after Jesus and so thankful for his abundant grace.  To him be all the honor, and glory forever and ever”. –Caroline Blick

“As a mother of three, a wife, an entrepreneur of two businesses, it is a conscious effort to ensure before all, I put my faith first in Him instead of the flesh. RefresHerSpirit brings not only my faith alive, but to be in the presence of so many other women who celebrate His glory and look to strengthen their relationship with Him, has served as such an amazing blessing for me personally.   It has brought about new found friendships, comfort and overall excitement that He is alive in us all.  Satan can tempt us to be quiet about our commitment to God.  This retreat is yet another way we can be vocal and loud about God’s grace and goodness within our hearts.” –Rochelle Brown

“Jesus Christ is the lover of my soul. By putting my faith and trust in Him alone, my heart overflows with abundant joy! When I sit in awe of His presence in Eucharistic Adoration, I am reminded that He never abandons us and He never rests. Through my conversion, He has shown me just how powerful He is. Serving Him and interacting with others brings me happiness. My greatest joy is teaching my children about His perfect love and giving thanks for my marriage!” –Jennifer Loesner

“As a mother of five, I know what it is like to be going, going, going, and to be constantly needed. This has lead to my passion for encouraging women to take a moment for themselves, grow in their relationship with Christ, and renew their strength through His loving Grace. I am blessed to do this with my husband’s daily support and guidance. All for the greater Glory of God.” –Danielle Miller

“God is so gracious, and every good and beautiful thing in my life is a direct result of Him and His undeserved grace! I continue to be amazed by the way He shows me his love on a daily basis through the joy of doing life with my husband and children by my side. When I strive to place Him at the center of my life it helps me to better live out my vocation as a wife and mother. I’m excited to be a part of RefresHERSpirit because I know how much we women need the opportunity to take time to strengthen our relationship with Him in order to serve those around us well.” –Caitlin Zawistowicz